The Collaborative acts through four Action Groups, consisting of members from different organizations who can different perspectives to the table. Action Groups are led by co-chairs who help align the overall goal of the Collaborative.


Coordination and national road map

  • By the fall of 2017, the National Road Map Action Group will collect at least three actionable goals from each of the Food Service Guidelines Action Group. The goals will be added to the website and progress will be reported on at the 2018 annual in-person meeting.

  • The National Road Map Action Group will create and disseminate a quarterly newsletter to the full Food Service Guidelines Collaborative. The newsletter will include relevant updates from Action Groups and member organizations.

  • By the 2018 annual in-person meeting, the National Road Map Action Group will create and develop a website for the Food Service Guidelines Collaborative that will include a list of member organizations and house resources that facilitate the expansion of food service guidelines.  

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Food Systems Engagement

  • Conduct a landscape analysis of members’ relationships/activities with the food industry.

  • Develop both a short term and long term strategic plan for how to engage industry based on landscape analysis findings.

  • Conduct meetings with food sector partners including small focused sessions and/or as an annual type meeting to explore specific topic areas.


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  • Develop three policy bottom lines documents for foods sold, foods served, and vending/prepackaged foods by the next in-person meeting.

  • Track and summarize FSG policies that are adopted around the country quarterly.

  • Develop a process to actively monitor the FSG policy landscape to be implemented starting in 2018.

  • Convene quarterly meetings to provide updates on FSG policy efforts and circulate notes from meetings.

  • Each member/organization of the policy action group will provide updates for FSG newsletter quarterly, as appropriate.

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Research, Operations, and Implementation

  • Develop measures and evaluation guide for FSG in cafeterias and vending, drawing upon the experiences of FSGC members.

  • Convene quarterly meetings to provide updates on FSG research, implementation, and evaluation activities around the US and circulate notes from meetings. 

  • Develop a series of case studies/success stories to provide qualitative information that can be used to help future efforts to implement and evaluate FSG. 

  • Draft language to help develop future research opportunities that address critical research gaps.